Commands and logging into mongo


I’ve decided to use the command pattern. I know that so far the domain part is small and therefore it is rushing things a bit. But I want to have small, but working application.
My idea was to log every command execution, with its content. Then it will be easy to find out who and in what way messed with our app. I’m using tactician. With it it is really easy to plug in logging middleware…
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Approach at diet module, and important conclusions

Based on the earlier discussion, and my knowledge I’ve started implementing the diet module. So far It’s not enough code to write about. What is more important I’ve found out that my current implementation of patient module is rather procedural than objective. My mistake was to treat almost everything as data structure than living objects. Now It’s refactoring time! Continue reading “Approach at diet module, and important conclusions”

Hello World!

About me:

I’m PHP developer from Krakow, Poland. I’m writing this blog to learn no to teach. All constructive criticism is highly encouraged.
I enjoy discussions about patterns, testing approaches, technology, so if you want talk – do not hesitate to contact me.

Here I’m willing to write about my new project – It will be tool to help nutritionists to create diets and for they clients to follow them. My goal is to write software in Domain-Driven Design approach. My domain experts will be my two friends who have education and experience in work as nutritionists. In blog posts I’m going to write our discussions, my conclusions and domain understanding and sometimes also links to github commits.